Batteen Specialty Ag

My name is John Batteen. I began work in fall of 2016 on what will eventually be an operation producing high quality, specialty, and value-added plant and animal products. It is located in Faulk county, South Dakota, on my family farm near Cresbard. It will be a slow and steady ramp up of production, with each new aspect being done first on a personal scale to work out the kinks and technique, then replicated on a larger scale in subsequent years.

Spring of 2017 saw grapes, raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries, and currants planted, along with a small vegetable garden. In 2018 I have been really limited in what I can do as my wrist is still healing from a car accident last year. I just kept up with what I had planted and did not plant anything new except for a small vegetable garden. However, my wrist is doing better as of August, and I've begun work on my grain bin house. I'll be finishing the inside all winter long but I hope to be moved in by Labor Day.

It will be several years before I have enough of anything to sell. But I will have samples here and there to taste starting this year, 2018. When I have time I will beautify this website and post pictures of things as they grow. It will be fun to watch.