Gardening pics and info

2016 was the peak of my Minnesota gardening. It wasn't the biggest garden I ever had there, but it was the best. There were very few weeds and the plants produced very well.

At the end of 2016, I moved to South Dakota. The first couple years were challenging as I had to unlearn a lot of things from Minnesota. The soil is different, the climate is different. 2019 got very overgrown and I didn't like it, so there aren't many pictures. 2020 I was gone most of the summer so I did a very simple, low-maintenance garden, and took care of my perennials. 2021 I knew that it wasn't going to rain very much, I just had a feeling, and I irrigate with rainwater, so I didn't plant very much. But what I did plant, did outstanding. I've finally got my weed control effective, not mastered, but effective. I'd like to try to quadruple that size or better in 2022.

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